Friday, April 29, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 71 to 80

I don't drive but I certainly do take control of the radio when I'm in my fiance's car. It's always tuned to 99.5, and if any of my favorites come on, I make my guy shut up and let me listen. You'd think he'd come to hate the radio after a few times being shushed but instead he has come to recognize Garrison Keillor's voice. I think he's come to realize how important Minnesota Public Radio is to me. I know my cats have; I listen to A Prairie Home Companion in bed with a few cats lying on my stomach and it's a pretty rough ride for them, being bounced up and down as I laugh!

Gail Feldman of Saint Louis Park, MN

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I listen to MPR whenever I am near a radio. I listen and multi-task. I listen in the car and often find myself "in drive-way moments."

MPR keeps me current; it offers me stories, interviews, in-depth news, and national discussion forums.

As a professor, I often include audio files as class material. Students enjoy learning through this method. Furthermore, I hope it moves them to listen to MPR.

I do not know what I would do without MPR. Yes, I am a member and have been since I moved here in 2001. I guess I can never move out-of-state.


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I wake up, turn on the radio already programmed to KZSE, as are all my radios, including the car; head for the bathroom, turn on the radio, having stopped in the kitchen to start the coffee and...the radio. Eat breakfast, radio in the dining room; do errands, radio in the car--you get my drift. I listen as often as I can during the day and end my day turning off the bedroom lamp and the radio.

I love all of the morning to midday programs; sometimes have time to hear the afternoon shows. I can't do Saturday morning without Scott Simon!!

Heartfelt thanks to Gary Eichten for his steady, steady demeanor throughout...particularly the pre-election stuff.

Member Nancy Lee Sherden

Nancy Lee Sherden of Rochester, MN

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I start my day with MPR on the kitchen radio. My husband and I brush our teeth and make the bed to MPR because we have a radio in our master bath.
If I had a bumper sticker it would say: "Commercial radio and television drove me to MPR."

Judy Spooner of Cottage Grove, MN

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I have MPR on in the costume studio at Winona State University every afternoon. At first the students didn't particularly care for my choice of stations, but almost every one of them at some point tells me they know more about what goes on in the world than they ever did before. I'm Susan Bratt and my husband, David, and I have been members since l977 and we listen on Winona translator l07.3.

susan bratt of winona, SC

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Hello! I listen to MPR in a lot of the usual ways--driving, etc--but I really like to listen to MPR when feeding my baby girl at suppertime. Listening to news stories from around the state and world seems to transport us beyond carrots in the hair and noodles on the floor.

Rebecca Benson of Winona, MN

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We listen to Weekend Edition with Liane Hanson on Sunday morninjg on the way to church. My children and I match wits with Will Shortz on "The Puzzlemaster Presents". We're getting pretty good.

Of course MPR is on all our radios all the time. We listen to both news and classical music. Some of our favorite programs are "Splendid Table", "Studio 360" and "This American Life". We also like "Pipe Dreams".

We've been members since 1998

Gerry Rogers of Duluth, MN

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I listen to Kerri Miller *every* single morning. She acts as my alarm clock, and then I continue to listen for a few hours after I wake up. On Sundays, of course, I wake up to car talk...which is quite a different experience from waking up to Kerri! Sometimes if I'm not too tired I wake up earlier to listen to morning edition. How I DO love MPR! The photo I've included is me on top of the tallest mountain in yellowstone. I couldn't listen to MPR there, of course. Bummer.

Maran Wolston of Minneapolis, MN

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I'm active duty Air Force, working at Grand Forks AFB. My husband of 15 years is staying home with our 4 month old daughter and gets our 2 older boys ready for school and greets them when they get home. We're a conservative family, so was apprehensive to listen to MPR, because there is the stigma that public radio is more liberal. I haven't necessarily found that the case, tho. You seem equitable in all your news coverage. I drive 30 minutes to work each day, so enjoy listening to morning edition on the way in and ATC in the afternoon. Only problem, I have a hard time trying to stream NPR while at work (!) That would be the icing on the cake - to listen to you vs. the head banging KJ108 garbage that's piped through the building:).


Ann Warner of East Grand Forks, MN

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I've lived in the Mankato area all my life and been a member of MPR for nearly 20 years. Last year we moved to Iowa, and out of earshot of MPR. After trying various antenna configurations with no success, I went into mourning over my loss and,I'm ashamed to say,let my membership lapse. But now I have finally entered the modern world and learned to listen online! I've returned to my addiction to Dale and Jim Ed every morning, which usually stretches on into Mid-morning and Mid-day.
Life is good again!

Nancy McCord of Sergeant Bluff, IA

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