Friday, April 29, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 61 to 70

My brother and I were raised on the praire of Minnesota, where every Saturday evening in the summer I can remember Praire Home Companion on the radio. Typically it would be facing outside so my parents could hear it while sitting on the patio or working in the garden. As my brother and I got older it was a rule that MPR was assigned number one on the radio dial so my mother could find it. I remember many days waiting for her to get home from work and then having to wait for her to get out of the car while she listened to a driveway story. Now my brother is 21 and a member of MPR who listens to it while driving to his weekend duty as a Marine Reservist and I am a special education teacher who enjoys MPR on my drive to work.

Carmen Middleton of Litchfield, MN

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I would LOVE to have the chance to listen more often. The NPR affiliate in NYC pales in it's quality of programming to MPR. I am disappointed by your infrequently available webcast. I relish the opportunity to listen to KNOW every time I am visiting my family, but would not like that to be the only time I can do so. Thank you.

Ryan Cloud of New York, NY

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I listen to MPR every night in Okinawa on station 648 am.

hubbard thomas of gretna, LA

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I commute to work by bicycle every day which is 42 miles round trip from Brooklyn Center to downtown St. Paul. I have biked 10,000 miles already this year and I listen to public radio on my headphones during about one third of my time biking (the other two thirds of the time I listen to music stations).

Dan Schueller of Brooklyn Center, MN

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I am sitting in my living room this Saturday afternoon and listening to "This American Life" on MPR. This program reminds me why I love public radio. Where else can I hear these types of stories, so compelling and so resonating of our American experience. I moved from SE Michigan--more than one great public radio station in that area--and now have become a member of Minnesota Public radio.

I am not often home on Saturday afternoons, so appreciate being able to get the archived versions of the program from the program's website.

Deborah Torres of Saint Paul, MN

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The evolution of a MPR Listener

It started out for me as an attempt to battle boredom during a 40 minute daily commute. I tuned in to 91.1 FM. I did not know the show line-up, was not familiar with the on-air personalities in the morning or the afternoon. But the stories - oh, the stories and the reporting - made me set 91.1 as a permanent selection #1 on the car radio. First one car, then the other, then the pickup!

My starting time at work varies a bit in the morning and consequently my commute home varies as well. I would know what time it was when I heard Future Tense start. I was hearing about topics coming up later in the day and catching later news programs on the way home. If I was lucky enough to be driving home around 6:30 p.m. I could hear Marketplace after All Things Considered. Did I see what was happening?

If I was out and about in the evenings, without realizing it, I was hearing great programs like Fresh Air or The World and I quickly found myself humming the opening music to As It Happens! Sometimes catching the BBC late night. At lunchtime if I passed 1:00 p.m. and Talk of the Nation or Science Friday was on, I found myself turning my radio in my office on to finish the stories when I returned. What force was taking me over!!
The weekends were Car Talk, Splendid Table, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Sound Money, and This American Life. It is now no longer heard just in my car. I?ve even turned the radio on at home to listen to Prairie Home Companion, Speaking of Faith, Motley Fool and the Jazz Image. When I turn on my basement light to do laundry, the radio automatically comes on - I have spent twice the amount of time puttzing around in the basement just because I couldn't stop listening to a story! My family would be upstairs watching cable television and I felt like a "closet" listener!

But I have pulled some of them into the fray now. Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me cracks us up and has become almost a competition to see who can answer the most questions correctly in between laughing until we almost fall off our chairs. I now have favorite personalities - Cathy Wurzer, Gary Eichten, and Kerri Miller to name a few. My neighbor will ask me if I heard certain stories from the day before - It must have taken her over also!

Then I started to think that I should really evaluate this situation. I wouldn't want to scare anyone away from MPR thinking this addiction; this compulsion is a crippling affliction to avoid. It is more of a nice hobby, like listening or participating in conversations at a party or dinner. When I am in the car, what else could I be doing that would be somewhat intellectually engaging? I actually have come to realize that the intellectual stimulation as well as the entertainment has enhanced my life over the last few years. That is why I am and will always remain a loyal MPR member. Membership helps bring unlimited access to the best that Minnesota Public Radio offers!

Bette Danielson of St. Paul, MN

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I listen to MPR all over the place; work, car, etc., but I do have a favorite:

We live out in the middle of the woods in North East Minnesota (literally-I am not kidding!) But my favorite time to listen is when I get up early and the rest of the family is sleeping. The living room is dark, but for one light, and I'm drinking a fresh, hot cup of coffee. I enjoy that peaceful time to catch up on what's going on in the world. When the kids get up, the spell is broken, but the mood stays with me all morning.

Thanks MPR for the all the in depth, valuable information!

Lisa Mitlyng Knight of Two Harbors, MN

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I moved to the Twin Cities in 1976 and discovered "The Morning Program" in its infancy. In 1979 I joined MPR, at an annual rate of $10.00(!) I believe. Since then I have tried to make annual increases.

I still listen to the Morning Show every day! What was it Dale said? "This program is for people who like odd things." and that's what I love about it.

My friends and I agree that there is no better public radio station anywhere and we are very lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.

mary stimson of st paul, MN

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I've been a member of MPR since 1976, which was my second year of grad school. The "student" level of membership was $25.00 then, I believe--and that was a big committment on my part. I've been listening so long that I remember the old Prairie Home morning show, that Garrison & Jim Ed used to do. (By the way, whatever happened to Jim Ed's twin brother?!?) Their show always motivated me to get up when I had to, just like the Morning Show does these days.

MPR gets me out of bed in the morning and is with me all day as I drive to and from my office. It's the background of my day while answering phones & emails at the school district office where I work. It's with me on Saturdays as I unwind and on Sundays as I get ready for church.

Three years ago I was in a serious car accident and MPR was with me all the time I was in the hospital and convalescent center. It kept me sane during a painful recovery and it's with me still.

I can't imagine a day without music and MPR is always my station of choice. And I'll keep contributing as long as I'm asked to.

Kate Goodwill of St. Paul, MN

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My name is Kristen and I'm a 34 year-old listener/member from Minneapolis.

My husband and I both listen to you all the time, through streaming audio on our computers at work and in the car whenever we are going to and fro. MPR is great all the time, but bar-none, our favorite way to listen to MPR is during our 'mystery expeditions.'

Nick and I discovered that we both love destination-free driving. We love to explore and find bizarre, interesting or funny random things in the little, tucked-away nooks of the state. We often go out for seven or eight hours at a time and boy, have we seen some funky stuff.

We bring the camera and a notebook and write everything down that's out-of-the-ordinary, from bizarre compounds rejecting the doctrines of both Republicans and Democrats, to overturned, half-buried giants and spooky mermaid carvings in the middle of a parking lot.

During these sojourns, we tune into MPR and listen all day long. We listen to, with great joy, All Things Considered & your other news-update programming, This American Life, Car Talk, Wait-Wait Don't Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion, Motley Fool, The Splendid Table...the list just goes on and on.

The programming at MPR is SO wonderful! As I've grown older and wiser, I've realized the absolute necessity for creative, mindful media. What I used to think was boring (I was a young fool) is now that which sustains me. We are so lost in this world of Clear Channel and Network Television, MPR is my connection to reality. I trust it, I rely on it and I am thoroughly engaged to it all day long. I have become a more educated, better-informed person thanks to MPR and I can't thank you enough for that.

Nick and I will continue to explore this weird and wacky state and we will continue to have MPR ride shotgun with us. And if you're especially good, we'll even share the beef jerky.

Kristen Mortenson
Minneapolis, MN

Kristen Mortenson Bortell of Minneapolis, MN

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