Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

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About 13 months ago I baught myself a 40 gig iPod.
I love my ipod, I only use it for music. One of my favorite options on the iPod is the "shuffle mode" It shuffles through my songs making sure I know what it sounds like when "Beulah" opens up for "Atmospere" Anyways..

For the past 13 months I have been seeking a way to get the iPod installed into my car. I have had only failed attepmts at getting great sound quality from the iPod throught my car speakers. I was left with 2 options, spend hundreds of dollars on a new stereo that will play my Mp3s, or continue creating my own mixes on CD for my six disc player. FM was not an option do to my eclectic taste. (91.1 excluded of coarse)

Enter: The greatest radio station I've ever heard.
My first listen lasted about 45 minutes. The whole time I had that feeling of "hey I know this song, but why do they know it"
It was as if the D.J had my ipod in his hand, and I had requested "shuffle mode". From now on my iPod stays safely at home, and waits for me to bring it a new lists of artists I found while on the road and in the Current.

Bo MacDonald of Wayzata, MN

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I am a member of MPR and have listened to the news portion of MPR for years. I listened to music stations when I was younger, but became bored with the type of music available in this market. I thought perhaps my increasing age was hampering my ability to enjoy music (I will be 50 this year).

Since listening to your station, I can tell you of two times just this week that I stayed in the car upon reaching my destination just to hear out a piece that you were playing. This would happen sometimes with the news stories of the news portion of MPR, but this is the first time in YEARS that I have been transfixed by music on the radio! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I think as we get older, time becomes more precious and we are more discriminating of the things we allow to occupy our time. I had given up on music radio in recent years, but you have made your station very worthy of my listening time!

Cheryl Reijon of Minneapolis, MN

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First time listener tonight...

In the late 1980s and early 1990s I was involved with both college radio (KTUH) and independent radio (Radio Free Hawaii) in Hawaii and sometimes miss radio. Since about 1996, commercial radio has just gone to pot.

I am writing just to express gratitude for the "Current 89.3" and the CD-quality online feed. I used to feel isolated, radio-wise, growing up on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean. Now that I've lived in Virginia for 10 years, things here really weren't better.

I really like a "real" radio station. It is easy to get good music on the Internet or via Satellite radio, but a "great" terrestrial station with real human DJs just has that edge.

Anyhow, in closing, thank you SO MUCH for the "Current."

Please annex the Commonwealth of Virginia, would ya?

Jeffry Babb of Richmond, VA

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I hate you because I never know what you're going to play next and I love you because I never know what you're going to play next. Some songs stink, some rock and then there's the really super cool ones I've never heard before that I have to write down without crossing three lanes of traffic to get the pen on the side seat so that I can write it on my palm..... Yeah, you guys rock!

Rurik Hover of St. Paul, MN

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I first heard the Current at work- it sounded like someone had recorded a really nice compilation CD so I asked whose it was... sheesh. Its the radio!

So now I listen to it everywhere. Its cool to hear that real music really exists and it on the radio. Sounds weird saying that way, but we finally have a cool radio station in Minnesota!

Ralph Karsten of St. Paul, MN

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I happened to pick up the paper the other weekend and that's where I first heard about the Current. I saw the list of artists that would be featured and thought, hey this is gonna be quality and by far it's fabulous! It's kinda funny because I'm a DJ at Mix 105 in Milltown,WI and have come to find that when I'm not doing my own show, I'm listening to yours religiously and taking in all of the great artists you play like a kid in a candy store! I hope my boss doesn't read this! :P This is the BEST radio station musically that anyone could ever hope for! Keep up the tunes! It's great!!!!

Liz Ulrich of New Richmond, WI

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I live in Rochester & I finally have a station that I don't to have mute after 2 songs.
Love the local stuff, and all the forgotton songs from the 80's early 90's.
Thanks for dusting off some great memories.
K. Hamer

Kelly Hamer of Rochester, MN

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Recently I moved out of Minneapolis for a job. I love my job, but wish I could say the same for the location. So of course, I came back to Minne to visit. Apparently, the Twin Cities is quite excited about this station. I wasn't in town for 5 minutes, and was informed how the music scene has be shaked, rocked, and rolled for the good. Great station, I love it. You can only imagine my shock when I found out I can listen to 89.3 in my car (over the airways - same radio as everyone else) all the way up north in Hibbing, MN!! It's the first time I've actually enjoyed the drive north. Thank you.

Todd Newman of Hibbing, MN

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My dad turned me on to this station and now it is all I can listen too. Thank you for finally making Minnesota radio a forum for sharing learning, listening and experiencing. Keep up the excellent work.

Reidel Natalie of Minneapolis, MN

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I never thought I'd hear one of the Morning Show guys say:
"And now here's Radiohead" as they did this morning on 89.3.
Keep up the great variety!


Mike Perushek of Maple Grove, MN

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