Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Listener Stories 31 to 40

I was skeptical at first when I first heard of the Current. It was even to the point that I didn't even want to tune in for some odd reason. Needless to say, within about 10 minutes of listening, the Current made its way into my presets! I thank you for the sheer variety of music played on the Current. I may not even be in the mood for classical or folk rock at some points in the day, but I find myself listening anyways just to see what song will be played next. As for the rock, it's so much fun to hear the songs local radio stations might shy away from - local, imported, smaller labels, and everything else big and small.

Although I really enjoy the normal MPR programming on 91.1, you guys take public radio to an arena that I would have never imagined that MPR (or NPR for that matter) would have ever gone.

Kudos to you all for making it happen!

Jon Robinson of St. Louis Park, MN

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I used to live in MPLS about three years ago. My old roomate told me about this new MPR station and that it totaly rocked. I was skeptical because of the standard public radio stigma, but he was right, it rocks! I'm so VERY thankful for webcasting! They don't play music like this in Iowa. Where else can you hear the song "Seven Nation Army" back to back with the Beatles "Ticket to Ride"? Nowhere! You guys rock! I'll probably one of few Iowegians that contribute to MPR!

Will Mittelsteadt of Cedar Rapids, IA

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I'm 32 years old, my wife and I have a little girl on the way, and I have a fatal illness (Lou Gehrig's disease). Last fall, I was browsing around the Electric Fetus and I was enthralled by the music they had going. Turns out it was Ulrich Schnauss, "A Strangely Isolated Place", and I bought the only copy they had. Like much of the music I tend to listen to, that album has been instrumental (pun intended) in helping me deal with my illness. I figured he was a little known entity, so imagine my surprise to hear him on the Current one day. And the next. And the next. I was already hooked on all 3 of the MPR stations, but hearing Ulrich on the Current made it personal for me. Like you understand. Like you get it. I say so with respect to the people of MPR, not just some corporate entity. And I really felt compelled to write and thank you for making that kind of connection with your listeners every day.

Scott Stafne of Minneapolis, MN

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I am a person without a position in the paid labor force; but I am an engaged and concerned citizen, voter and parent. MPR is on all of my radios at home, and preset in my car. I sort of stumbled across MPR about 4 years ago, and have been a member since shortly thereafter.

MPR is nearly my sole news source, and has provided countless discussion, research paper and science fair topics for my Jr and Sr high school children! ( I knew I was a real junkie when my 1st grader said "MPR, MPR, you're always saying MPR!!")

It is time now for me to renew my membership, because I originally joined outside of a regular membership drive time. I don't usually order a thank you gift, but I do have one request: Kindly stop saying that we should pay whatever it is worth to us; I am on a fixed income which, if it were all directed to you could not begin to count your 'worth'to me. Without daily personal interactions with other adults, MPR truly is my link to the outside world.

I have always said that if I win the lottery I will make big contributions to public broadcasting (much more likely to happen if I played the lottery, which I don't); but until then, please accept my pitiful $10 a month. If my income should ever increase, so too will my contribution.

I don't always share the editorial position of MPR, but I know of no other place to go for the kind of diverse coverage you provide. Thank you for doing what you do.



Shari Crawford of HUGO, MN

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I've been looking for good, new -new to me, anyway- interesting music for months. The major local alternative rock station (FM99.7-The X) has revamped its own play lists and has gotten a lot better, but it is still mainstream.

I was complaining in my blog about my ear candy plight and my friend (who resides in Mpls; I originated there as well) mentioned that MPR started a new rock station. I tuned in on the internet, and I'm glad I did.

Your station Rocks! I like almost every song you play. The closest thing here is a program on 99X called Organic X and it only lasts for 5 hours on Sundays. Still, *that* show has mainly mainstream music.

I honestly have never heard of a lot of the bands you play, and I think it's a shame. *Actually Good Music* is almost repressed in favor of imitators and other utter crap.

So, Rock On Minnesota Public Radio. You have restored my faith in rock music and my belief that good music exists.

Oh yeah, Thorn rocks too. Huzzah for great dj's!

Kristi Woods of Atlanta, GA

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The best station I've encountered was in Boulder, Co. Metallica followed by Loreena McKennit by Radiohead and then Susan Tedeschi as an example. Radio in Minnesota has been very boring in my 6 years here. Even the so-called alternative station is stuck in the U2, REM rut. Then last week, I heard something out of the norm. I didn't know the song but it was very punk like and when it was done, Billie Holiday came on. But this morning seals the deal for me! What beautiful voice did I hear? EVA CASSIDY. For those unfamiliar with her work, keep listening. No one else will ever be as good. Thank you, The Current!

Kathleen Gonzales of Eden Prairie, MN

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I'm a born-and-raised Minnesotan who recently took a job in Cleveland, Ohio (hey, we all have to gain experience somehow, right?). I stream in The Current over the Web while I'm working.

While the live music scene in Cleveland isn't bad, the radio selection lacks inspiration. But your music collection is eclectic and creativity-inspiring (Al Green, Billy Idol and Rilo Kiley - together! Amazing!!), and listening keeps me up to date on all the Minnesota happenings. It's the perfect way to through the long afternoons when all I really want to do is nap. Thanks!

Amanda Wurzinger of Cleveland, OH

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Just wanted to say Thank you for bringing us The Current. I've heard old stuff that I've forgotten that I've missed and new stuff that I really love. I'm excited about music again like I was back in college. I actually bought music for myself instead of for one of my 3 kids! My 17 year old has shared your station with her friends as well. I hope that The Current gets stronger and sweeps us all away.

Carol Risdal of Burnsville, MN

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Your new station (89.3 "The Current") is a hit with me. How do I know? 89.3 has passed the car test. And exactly what is the car test? Well I bus practically everywhere and spend a very limited amount of time in my car. When I'm driving, the radio is on, and it's always locked on a single station. I'm a fan of alternative and local groups, so my station of choice was 105.

But last week Friday while getting my hair cut (at Lyn-Lake Barbershop, I'm friends with Jayson the owner) we were grooving to this new "Current" station and it grew on me. A few days later I made the switch in the car, and there you go. Keep playing the local stuff, and thanks for taking a chance with the new format. There are many of us who appreciate it.

Todd Schneider of St Anthony Village, MN

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Hi! I am a 40 year old wife & mother.
Grew up listening to everything from the Beatles, to Ted Nugent to Abba!

My sister emailed me the link to your station & told me to "give it a listen". That was January 27th & it hasn't left my dial since!

Thank you! Your station is great! Love the VARIETY! Nothing is too weird, too fast/too slow, too loud or too geeky. Keep it coming!

Annette Draz of Oakdale, MN

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