Friday, April 29, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 21 to 30

I listen to MPR Radio all the time. It keeps my mind active and thinking
all the time. My dad introduced me to MPR, he listens to it on shortwave
radio. I can see why he likes listening to it. I love listening to the
station at work, it keeps me focused. I love the in depth topics and I
have learned more in the last couple of days than I have if I were to
listen somewhere else. I like the fact that MPR educates it's listeners,
and gives it insites into current news topics and makes you think about

Jennifer Schmidt of Minneapolis, MN

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Parenting is a humbling enterprise. My daughter, Natasha, gave me a lesson in ethics last spring when after listening to MN Public Radio for about a decade she pointed out that I needed to be more honest and pledge support-so in the interest of MN public radio and saving face i am now a member.

becky ziller of pine island, MN

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My name is sandra Markovich, I live and work on the Range. I am a control room operator in the concentrator at USSteels Minntace facility. I have a radio in the contorl room that is tuned to 90.0 when I am on the dayshift and it helps me to keep calm and balanced when things get hetic on the air waves. On the off shifts I like to listen to 92.5 news channel and get the top stories of what is happening in the world, since I am confinded to my space for eight hours a day. It is a great connector.

sandra markovich of virginia, MN

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I listen to minnesota public radio all the time. None of the music gets old. Each song has a story behind it. During school, study-hall, I tune in and the whole class loves it. We even listen to the music during chess meets! MPR is the number one staition to listen to when ever. It's to hard to shut the staion off when I go to school but right when I walk through the school doors, the music is playing on the speakers. You can never listen to this station for only a minute. I have listened to this station for as long as I can remember

Mathia Colwell of Medford, MN

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This is a tribute to your program planners. I very much enjoyed and appreciated the hour long presentation of the play "All The Way With L.B.J.", as well as the commentary afterwards. Very insightful as to what was happening in the late 1960's as well as a good comparison to what is going on now in Iraq. It was a treat to be reminded of the goodness of H.H.H., and to also be reminded of the abrasiveness of L.B.J. Thank you for that program.

Dorothy J. Nelson of Cambridge, MN

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I moved to Minneapolis two years ago from Reno, a culture-starved place and proud of it. I immediately started listening to MPR and it made my adjustment to life here much easier. Having intelligent radio makes any place more liveable, and MPR is much better than one finds elsewhere (especially in Wisconsin -- WPR is SO dry and pedantic).

However, I wish "Fresh Air" was on earlier, and I was starting to tire of MPR when Kerri Miller took over "Mid-Morning." Then the Current arrived, and I was again hooked. Reno had a good NPR station but NO good music to speak of beyond jazz and classical, so the Current really ended a drought for me. Thanks for creating it.

Lance Bernard of Minneapolis, MN

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Ah, the glory of the internet.

I recently took a vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX). While driving down with my other half, Ben, we listened to the Current as long as we could. When it was out of range we switched to our voluminous CD library, though somewhat regrettably. Once we reached our destination, the search for a suitable radio station began in earnest. . .

At the end of our week vacation we were sadly deprived of even one decent radio station anywhere on the dial. We did discover many other wonders here, and despite an appalling lack of listenable music, we were not deterred from staying permanently. Both born and raised in St. Paul, we are now transplants. Our immediate two major regrets were as follows: no more summer kickball league games, and no more MPR, the Current or otherwise. While we still lack kickball games, my situation has greatly improved regarding tolerable music. A mental light bulb went on over my head recently at work and I jumped on the web, headed straight for the MPR website and downloaded a program to import streaming music. Lo, I now listen to the Current for a solid eight glorious hours a day! I was so overjoyed at first I even called Ben to gloat.

As luck would have it, our decision to stay here has proved to be the best either of us has made. After seven weeks we both have amazing jobs that we love and a life in a beautiful paradise. I am so happy to be able to listen to music that matters so greatly to me. Thank you very much and rest assured we will continue our support when it comes time to renew our membership to MPR.

Meg Kosowski & Ben Murray, OBX

Meg Kosowski of Southern Shores, NC

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I listen to the Current while I'm at work. The first time I tuned in I was very skeptical - the last time I even owned a radio tuner at home was when REV105 was still on the air! Well, the Current definitely measures up. You have renewed my faith in Minneapolis radio, and hearing favorite DJs like Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat is like hearing old friends talking about their record collections. (Mark Wheat has even perfected the old Kevin Cole trick of being able to use silence in his broadcast that never sounds like dead air or as if he is struggling to keep a dialogue going. That's great radio!)Thank you, thank you and keep up the stellar broadcasts!
-Veronica Shaw

Veronica Shaw of Minneapolis, MN

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RE: The Current

There have been very few radio stations of such quality that I find myself sitting in a parked car waiting for the song playing to end. Yours is one of them.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Nicholas Longtin of Minneapolis, MN

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So there I am, on some morning not that long ago, stuck in traffic during morning rush hour...takes me an hour to drive to my job. Anyway, my mind is always starving for 'mental beef jerky' so I spin thru the stations (talk radio, mpr classical music, more talk radio..) and far away I hear something familiar...Music I NEVER HEAR on the radio. I try to fiddle with the digital station until it finally comes in just right....and then I lose the station, and months go by, and I see a BIG SIGN on my way to work, that says 89.3 THE CURRENT...and again I try to find the station ( it's hard to get in sometimes ) and I'm SUCKED IN 100%...all the music I LOVE is here.
My husband listens to Techno, House, and 80s...and I like disco, trip hop and am very very deep into Kristin Hirsh ( I forget how to spell her name ) and ALL the voices...
I'm a musician myself, and have often been compared to Mazzy Star, Lucinda Williams, Ricki Lee Jones and voices like that. I write my own music, however since becomming an instant step mom, I have not played or writen in some time. I find myself picking up my guitar again, lyrics streaming thru my mind again, one after another...and I want to Thank You for helping me Capture my spirit again.
It's good to be home.

Suzen Beach of North Branch, MN

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