Friday, April 29, 2016

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I have been an NPR listener for about 7 years & recently moved back to Minnesota (after a 15 year stint in CA). When listening to my NPR stations in California, I was always SO proud of the many quality MPR produced programs heard 2000 miles away! Now that I live in Mpls, I know why... Twin Citians give generously to those things that add value to their lives.

MPR is significant in my life as it exposes me to people's lives & views outside my normal routine. I am a better person for MPR/NPR in my life.

Tam Strand of Edina, MN

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I am a Franciscan sister living and working in La Crosse, WI. We are fortunate to have an MPR translator on one of our bluffs here, and so we get the MPR feed from Rochester. I have my radios all set to the music station: bedroom, living room, car, office. It sort of "surrounds" me in my life and provides endless hours of pleasure and good listening. On occasion I'll flip over to the news station, though it's not always so easy for me to pick up. When I do that, in any case, I find my search for good news to be very satisfying.

I am proud of the MPR programming and believe it ("we", since I'm a member) should continue to grow and bring the best of programming possibilities to the state of Minnesota and, thankfully, to the neighbors who border your state.

Thank you for providing me personally with so much listening enjoyment. Other sisters who walk past my office or ride in the car with me have repeatedly remarked on the lovely music. They will look for the stations on their own radios very frequently.

Truly, we are fortunate and grateful to you for your efforts.

luanne durst of la crosse, WI

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I began listening to the Morning Show along time ago. I remember the Dale and Jim Ed had a traffic hot air balloon that drifted along the freeways monitoring all the drivers with their hands airplaning out the window. I stayed for the eclectic mix of classic, folk and fun music. I even joined MPR a couple years ago because you made me guilty listening all day to something that I didn't pay for!

Mike Flanagan of Lino Lakes, MN

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The descent of two bath salts in the lukewarm-oasis of my bathtub accompanies the "From Minnesota Public Radio..." theme on a near-religious appointment every Saturday evening. In a fusion of aromatic balsamic salt, sweet rhythm and tranquil mill-pond-esque waters I drift to a land far from home, but close to heart.

As I "hear that ole piano" and as Garrison rhetorically croons - could we ask for more? I grasp how ignorant we are to serenity; living in the North of Scotland, my horizons (I guess) are akin to that of Minnesota's. The juxtaposition of metropolitan sprawl against mile on mile of woodland layered upon misty mountains is the stuff of advertising-sales-exec's dreams. Yet an underlying tension that most urban-dwellers overlook is abject. Nevertheless; the feeling is a state of mind, and can be counter-balanced by moments like those in the bath on a Saturday night.

Escapism is not the prime reason I stream MPR into the bath in the early hours time-differences cause. All manner of elements combine in a two hour spectacular (PHC). Garrison Keillor is of course at the top ? yet the sheer professionalism of the presentation is unparalleled, not to mention the versatility of the shoe band and the radio acting company.

The authenticity and charm of Prairie Home Companion ? unpretentious, sincere and at times deeply inspiring ? only serves to underline the disaster that is fast paced magazine style radio that is all too pervasive today.

The output of MPR that I have tuned (online) to; Day to Day, Morning Becomes Eclectic, Writers Almanac and Morning Edition all follow principles of broadcasting I align myself with - they inform and involve the listener, and although I'm some 7000km away I feel like I'm a part of it. You all do an outstanding job. A job I can tell you care a great deal about. Thanks for the memories. I'm sure they'll be many more to come.

Callum Alden.
['High-School' Grad, 2004. Searching for experience...] Currently in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Scotland.

Callum Alden of Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Scotlan, NA

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I am a 52 yr old female, who listens to MPR for the news and information I receive since 9/11. MPR discusses the relivant issues that effect us everyday, i.e. taxreform,drug reform, government, as well as discussing books, gardening, animal care, etc. I listen during the day at my desk, 7:45 to 4:30 p.m. Thanks for the open discussions and the ability to feel connected to the discussion by either calling in or e-mailing my throughts.

mariam lowinger of shoreview, MN

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I have been listening to MPR for what seems about 30 or 35 years years. Today we have three radios in our apartment, all tuned exclusively to MPR. We never change channels. My wife listens to the evening news while I listen to the music programming from the Worthington broascasting station. Every morning I bring up the daily playlist from the Internet and copy down the music I want most to hear and the time it will be presented. This makes my day.

George P. Heikes of Rock Rapids, IA

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Every morning I listen to the news and flip back and forth to 99.5 for a little music mixed in. Try to listen at noon on weekdays as you often have special, interesting programming: guest speakers, etc.

Weekends ALWAYS include PHC (we crank it up and grill dinner to it!) but also catch Car Talk, This American Life, The Splendid Table, and others.

Susan [Inga] Weberg of St. Paul, MN

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My wife and I are both graduate students at the University of Minnesota. We're proud to be public radio nerds, and listen to MPR all the time. Money is always tight, if not non-existent, but we make a commitment to give something to Minnesota Public Radio every year. MPR is informed, interesting, educated and unpredictable, much like us.

Russell Swinburne Romine of Saint Paul, MN

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Is it normal to go from room to room switching on and off the radio as you go? :) MPR is the soundtrack to my day. I listen in the car (a favorite), while I cook (a huge favorite), and on the computer (you never can have too much info at once!). :) My good friend and I are almost ridiculous when we get together, continually prefacing stories with, "I heard a story on MPR..." We laugh, but we both listen and get news, commentary, and diverse public viewpoints from what we hear. We aren't on the same side on all issues -- but we both love it. And I love that we both can love it, despite our differences. I am 24, love to learn, and MPR provides so much for me, from basic news, to fantastic ideas for community involvement, to new recipes to try. Thanks. :)

Jana Huffman of St. Paul, MN

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I discovered MPR about 2 years ago. For me it was the most comprehensive way to get news about what's happening in Minnesota and MSP. The programming on MPR (and NPR) are much more responsible than local television news, which navigates through its stories in such a brief and sensational way that a viewer will never be left with enough information to form the understanding of today's world.

I so regularly listened to MPR that a couple of years ago I decided to become a member. I was so happy to have found the station. I've moved to Western Europe, and discovered that I can still listen over the Internet. MPR is still the best way for me to get news from home. I especially liked listening to the hourly updates in the winter, particularly the temperature.

Anyway to some it up, now I'm thousands of miles from home, but when I hear MPR over the net I'm reminded back to those comfortable times back in Minneapolis listening to my news before work, and the great weekend programming.

Daniel Haider,
Currently in Germany

Daniel Haider of Circle Pines, MN

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