Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 131 to 140

I've been a member since 1987, and Minnesota Public Radio is part of my daily routine.

In 2001, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Since then, I've been doing chemotherapy on a weekly basis. It really isn't so bad, and it gives me a chance to kick back and listen to MPR. No matter how busy the chemo treatment room gets, I have my oasis of peace and beauty and joy. The music has helped me get through some difficult and painful times, keeping me relaxed and calm. It's only one reason I continue to support MPR. Hey, maybe you could do requests on Tuesday mornings?

Thanks for the opportunity to sound off!

Jane Larson

Jane Larson of Eden Prairie, MN

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I turn on the radio in the garage and face it into the yard and I blast the stereo in the house. I listen to Prairie Home Companion, Klick and Klack, Whadya Know while I do my yardwork. I don't want to miss anything as I trot in and out of the house while I do my household chores. I plan my yardwork around the radio schedule. I feel like I'm working side-by-side with old friends and the time just flies by.

I first started listening to PHC while driving on fire trails in Northern Minnesota grouse hunting with my Mom! There were times when we should have been walking a trail, but we couldn't tear ourselves away from the program.

When my daughter was little, she used to sing the Powder Milk Biscuit jingle while playing, so we've passed the enthusiasm down three generations!

Nan Anderson of Minneapolis, MN

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We're summer residents (May into September) and we count on MPR (via Bemidji) to continue to provide our morning-walk companion, Morning Edition.

The radio goes in a shirt pocket, the headphones over the seed cap, and down the gravel road we go. It takes a while over an hour to get in the four daily miles (we skip Christmas day)--which isn't too bad for an octogenarian, I guess. If I wake up too early to go walking--before dawn, that is--I may pick up an hour or so still in bed. Have to be careful with that, since I don't want to get more than one repeat feature while walking.

Thanks for the service.


Bob Kern of Laporte, MN

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I am a chemistry professor at Georgia Southwestern State University and I listen to the Morning Show every weekday via the Internet. I listen in my office while sipping coffee and preparing for my daily lectures or while grading papers. I lived in Minnesota for 9 years and I miss MPR a great deal. I am very happy to be able to hear Dale and Jim Ed again. Of course listening to them now, I REALLY miss the Fair. sigh.

Elizabeth Gurnack of Americus, GA

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I studied piano at a young age and gained an appreciation for classical music from a variety of sources; my sister was a music major, I studied french horn for seven years, and even Saturday morning cartoons had their space in the expansion of my appreciation for this great music. Something was lacking though, and that was classical music on my radio. I listened to pop stations, rock stations, among others, but finally tuned my dial to 92.9 in Duluth MN one evening while studying. It was a Sunday and the "Hearts of Space" show was on. MPR hasn't left my dial since, and I listen in the car, at home, and especially in my research lab at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Working on chemistry is never more enjoyable that when I am accompanied by one of your wonderful broadcasters and the music that they know and love. Keep up the great work!!

Brian Netzel of Duluth, MN

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I am a news junkie. I start listening to MPR whenever I wake up - sometimes as early as 4 am. I listen to MPR whenever I am in the car - I commute about an hour a day. I listen to MPR all day Saturday and most of Sunday (although I'm pretty upset about not getting to hear Wait, Wait live!) I often listen to the BBC news all night.

Faith Rynders of Mounds View, MN

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About a year ago, my daughter and I were talking about MPR shows we like to listen to. She told me about This American Life with Ira Glass, which I had never tuned in to. As she described the content and style of a couple of recent broadcasts, I became intrigued. I work on Saturdays, so in my living room the next Sunday I sat down at 9:00 P.M. and tuned in.

Since listening to that first broadcast, I've missed only three shows. This Sunday evening listening is now a profoundly satisfying ritual. At 8:55 I turn off all lights except for a 40-watt lamp in the adjoining dining area. Then I lie down on my comfy couch, turn on the radio and become emotionally and intellectually stimulated for an hour. I literally laugh and cry in response to the stories Ira and his smart, sassy, and clever band of broadcasters send out over the air waves.

It's a wonderful way to end my week, letting voices in the night challenge and charm me, allowing me to create my own movie to accompany the spoken words.

Cindy Gregg of Apple Valley, MN

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I am a 38 year old white male and I like listening to your program on my way to work. I especially like the Writers Alamac (I think it is called) where they will read poems taken from peoples lives throughout the years.

It also seems to me that your news stories are more in depth and in detail and I like that. I leave for work at 5:30 am and listen for about 15 to 20 minutes before going into work. It takes me about 15 minutes to get to work. I work at a Cabinet Manufacting Plant in Waterloo, Iowa.

Thomas Steils of Waterloo, IA

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U of M graduate, B.S. and M.S. I have been retired for the last 20 years. Whenever we travel the only station we can stand is MPR. It is also the only station we listen to on local radio. Thank you for the many hours of wonderful listening.
Carroll M. Thureen

Carroll Thureen of International Falls, MN

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I love tubas and MPR. I was born and raised in Minnesota (Edina & U of M grad), but my tuba has taken me around the world. From the middle of Siberia, to the Great Wall of China, to the White House, I have been a part of bringing the world closer together through music. When I need my own fix of great music, I listen to MPR on-line from my theme park entertainmnet office here in Anaheim, California. I am so proud to be a member of Minnesota Public Radio.

Stan Freese of Anaheim, CA

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