Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

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Most often we stream, on-line, whatever of the wonderful MPR programs we can get up here on our Mountain top. We're lucky that the local Western North Carolina station carries some MPR, programs, as well (on the weekends, in particular.) Couldn't live here without Garrison K. whispering in my ear once a week. And, The Spelendid Table and the money, money, money, show keep me bound to the house on Saturdays--it's a bit tough do yard work or take a hike with a computer, even a lap top, strapped to your back!

Thanks for streaming--keep up the great work.

Florence Funk of Waynesville, NC

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I love to listen to MPR and I get all the information I need in one place! That's very important to me and the other radio stations scater news I know when the news is on with MPR. Thanks for what MPR has done I have different views then I had before!

Christopher Hoff of Minneapolis, MN

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My husband and I start the day off with MPR on (always the news station) in the kitchen....and if we can't get to sleep at night...then MPR in the bedroom. We both then drive to our places of work with MPR on the car radio 90% of the time. I have a computer at my desk and will listen to MPR at work. In the evening we have it on as my husband prepares supper. During the weekend it is on either at home or in the car most of the day and evening. We have turned our backyard patio into a little home away from home with a couch and stereo etc. and have MPR on whenever we are outside. Even on our vacation up in Grand Marais in a cabin on Lake Superior we had MPR on every day. So you could say our connection to MPR is a huge part of our lives and we are very proud to be members.

Kristi Ziegler of Rochester, MN

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Hi, I'm a fairly new listener to MPR, but am quickly becoming addicted. I'm 33 y.o. and started listening, to become more understanding of the political world. I don't know if I understand it any better, but I love hearing about it, and everything else. I just recently switched from day shift at work (where I listened to MPR for 9 hours a day) to night shift, where I listen instead for 10 hours a day/night. Only problem is I really miss the day time shows. It would be awesome if instead of so much from the BBC (not that they don't have an interesting program too- except they tell you what time it is WAY too often- on the night shift especially, that really bugs me) you could have more highlights from the daily shows. It's amazing how quickly one gets used to something. Anyway, all in all, you guys are the only station I listen to anymore, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
Sincerely, Cheryl Elsenpeter

Cheryl Elsenpeter of Fergus Falls, MN

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I am a single female homeowner. My cats love MPR (radio is on, tuned to you when I am gone), they love most all your stuff except Saturday evenings - they don't appreciate the post-PHC programming, as evidenced by their lack of eating, and irritable "play with ME!" attitudes when I return.

My favorite places to listen to MPR are at the Metrodome, during batting practice and pre-game activities for twins games (season tix...and I turn to the play-by-play during the game but return to MPR at end of game). The sound of All Things Considered (weekday games) or Car Talk/This American Life (Saturday games, depending on start times), or PHC (every sunday game) is a great contrast to the activity around me. I listened to the funeral of Pres. Reagan while at the 'Dome, tearing at Melissa Bloch's description, Robert Segal's expressions, Daniel Shore's in-depth perspective from his years of journalism. This is my ear/head while I watch the activity surrounding the start of a game - this was one of the greatest contrasts, showing the frivolity with the stark contrast.

The other time I love to listen is while I'm doing construction work - rehabbing my house. When I've ventured to PHC (rush tickets are great!), it feels strange to hear his voice without having a hammer in my hand, without doing something physical. And my neighbors think I'm totally off when I'm singing gospel songs with the Hopeful Gospel Quartet while roofing, arguing with the moronic and disingenuous politicos during MidMorning/MidDay while painting or mowing the lawn, and laughing to whatever you are doing while I shovel snow or decorate outdoors trees with thousands of Christmas lights.

The news coverage provides vital information but also provides a feeling of fellowship. The morning of Sept 11 was horrible, but bearable as I had Bob Edwards with me - I wasn't alone. I miss Bob in the mornings...

At least you have Kathy Wurzer back, with her dulcet tones. And the wonderful insight of Kari Miller now on MidMorning (and no more Katherine Lanpher's harridan tones during fundraisers!). No superlative is strong enough for Gary on MidDay.

Thanks, all of you

Anne Skenzich of Minneapolis, MN

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For many years, as a student at St. John's University and then as a resident of the Twin Cities, I relied on The Morning Program to kickstart my day, and after leaving Minnesota 7 years ago I felt an enormous vacuum. Now I begin my workday at my desk with my old friends Dale and Jim Ed, listening on the internet. You can take me from Minnesota, but you can't take Minnesota from me. Thanks for keeping me connected.

Dan Darling of Davison, MI

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We moved from our home in Minnesota over 6 years ago. I'm so happy to be able to carry a bit of Minnesota with me in MPR's Morning Show with Jim Ed and Dale.

I'm a church secretary, and the first thing I do when coming in at 8 in the morning is to turn on the computer and tune the show in through your website. "Milwaukeeans" who pass my desk are of course mystified at the musical selections and humor, they just don't get it! I only wish you continued web broadcast music all day. Our classical choices locally are commercial!

Thanks for letting me start each day with a shot in the arm from back home. (sorry, I couldn't make my photo small enough to send.)

Becky Forschler of Milwaukee, WI

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Hi. I am a Community Health Liaison for the MN Dept of Public Safety's Office of Traffic Safety. I service the entire state and put quite a few miles on my car each month (to say the least.) Thankfully, whereever I go I can listen to MPR. Since I work in Traffic Safety it is not advisable to use the cell phone while I'm driving. Listening to MPR gives me a loyal traveling companion on my long road trips throughout the State of MN - and keeps me off the cell phone! The miles breeze by and when my trips are over I feel like the time in the car was really worth a lot - I feel so smart and safe!

Nancy Franke Wilson of Plymouth, MN

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How do I listen to MPR here in Berlin? I'd hate to miss one of the pleasures of life by a mere 4000 miles!

Gregg Grano of Berlin, Germany, NA

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I discovered MPR in a tanning booth thirteen years ago.

In the spring of 1991 my wife and I were looking to shed our winter pastey white complection before our wedding. We signed up for time at the local tanning booth.

As I lay in the tanning booth I turned on the radio to pass the time. I expected to hear one of the local music stations. But the person before me had been listening to something else entirely. I heard a story about a war going on in Yugoslavia. Thousands are being killed. A country was being split in two. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I hadn't see or heard anything about this on TV news. After my time was up in the tanning booth I memorized the station numbers and ran to my car. I put "KNOW" on the number one present on my car and thats where it has been ever since.

Thank you "KNOW" for doing such a great job.

And "Thanks" to whomever was before me in the tanning booth thirteen years ago.

Joel Carlson - KNOW Public Radio Member

Joel Carlson of Oakdale, MN

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