Monday, May 2, 2016

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I'm a new stay at home mom and my daughter and I spend the day with MPR. I used to enjoy MPR during the day at work, but now it is essential! I can still keep up with the news and information, as well as carry on conversations with those in the working world. My 6 month old daughter has a radio in her room that is always tuned to the classical station for both play time and naps. Oh, and of course, we tune in to Car Talk once, if not twice on the weekends.

Thank you for your wonderful programming!

Desiree Brazelton of St. Paul, MN

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I really like your breakfast show. A wonderful mix of the old and new, quirky and moving songs. I woke to MPR on the clock radio on my first Monday morning of working here in Minnesota, after a 24 hr flight from Australia, hearing Peter Paul & Mary singing "Early Morning Rain," a perfect song for that moment and the way I was feeling. Thanks and I hope you can turn up your transmitter power soon.

Rick Dall of Minneapolis, MN

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When I was growing up in the '80s, my Dad always had MPR on the radio. Of course as a kid I thought that talk radio was SOOO boring. Now as an adult myself, MPR is all I listen to on the radio. My brothers listen to MPR as well as many of my friends. I've even converted my husband to an MPR listener!

I find that if I sit down to watch the TV news in the evening I've already heard the headlines on MPR and the coverage given by MPR is much more detailed, insightful and non-biased. I enjoy discussing what I've heard on MPR with my husband and brother!

I've come to rely on MPR for the best coverage of The Arts, politics, national news and especially international news!

Thanks for providing such a great service to Minnesota!

Marnie Kemmetmueller of Maple Grove, MN

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MPR warms my wife and me as we awake to the early Minnesota cold morning. My hour long commute is one full of inspiring and uplifting stories, updated news events, and humorous editorials. MPR reminds me on my importance in teaching college students in todays world as I share with them information I have heard during the long drive.

Then there is the return trip. Fresh voices with fresh news and stories join my anxiousness to get home to my family. When every one gets home, I kiss my wife and our conversation begins with "did you hear the story on MPR about..."

Come Friday morning, rain or sun, cold or hot, Dr. Mark Selee grabs my full attention as I remember those days of wanting to become a meteorologist. Instead I became a mathematician.

William Davidson of Rochester, MN

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I'm a social worker on a behavioral health floor of Regions Hospital. I have 2 grown daughters who have families of their own here in MN and, also, in Las Vegas.
I listen to MPR during my 1/2 hour commute in the a.m. and 3/4 hour commute in late afternoon. Also, have it on at home on weekends while doing house projects.
Listening to MPR during my commute is what saves me from the insanity of rush hour traffic in the Twin Cities. "It" keeps me calm with its quiet and thoughtful interviews and news reports and saves me from the hysterical ads screeching on the "other" stations.

Mary Amundson of Burnsville, MN

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I grew up in the 70's in Galena, Illinois, and was raised by parents who threw away the television in 1972 when it broke. Consequently we listened to the radio - in our home and in the car. I think KUNI out of Iowa was our public radio station. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a Wippets baseball jersey, as "A Prairie Home Companion" has always been one of my favorite shows. I moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College and got to see Garrison and the cast during a live, outdoor broadcast the week of freshman orientation in 1982. I married a Minnesota man and live in our "10 Acre Woods" south of Hastings with him, our two teenage sons, a goat, three cats, two geckoes, and a hedgehog. I work for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, own and operate a costume rental business in my spare time, and listen to MPR in the shower in the morning, in the car whenever I'm driving alone, and in the kitchen when making dinner. A day without Midmorning and All Things Considered just doesn't feel complete. I refer to myself as an MPR Junkie when friends or aquaintances in quire as to whether or not I was the Bronwyn they heard calling in during one of the local shows.

Bronwyn Skov of Miesville, MN

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I have the station on all the car and at home and I would also like to listen to the station at my work station while I am at work. I listen to 88.1

Blanche Gjoraas of Sioux Falls, SD

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I listen to MPR on my way to work and on the way to debate practice at Edina High School. I think that listening to the depth and balance of coverage prepares me in forming solid debate strategies for the team. I also get a variety of ideas from your guests for seeing things from many different perspectives... Last year we won both major national championships in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. I couldn't have done it without the news I get from MPR.

Michael Bietz of Minneapolis, MN

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I listen to MPR through your affiliate station in Seattle,the call letters escape me at the moment. It offers a great deal of very listenable Jazz etc.
I enjoy especially Marion McPartland's show.
I have heard her in Toronto as well as in Washington DC.
Keep the good tunes coming
Richard Brown

Richard Brown of Cobble Hill, BC

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Hi. I lived in a cabin in the woods near Ely, Minnesota for many years. My nearest neighbor was 3 miles away and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area a mere quarter mile walk down the road. I had no running water, electricity and until cell phone technology caught up with me in 1996 I had no phone. However, I was able to receive MPR at 101.7. I spent many an hour listening to Mid-morning, All Things Considered and the wonderful weekend variety programing while I worked around the cabin, knitted or simply sat and watched the snow fall. Even though I lived in such a remote place I feel I was more informed than most people who watch the news on TV or read the daily papers. I recently had to sell my wonderful little place in the woods and am now here in the Twin Cities in graduate school at the Humphrey Institute. I have so many fond memories of being in that peaceful space listening to the entertaining programs, the indepth news and the touching stories about my fellow humans on MPR.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the great work.

A loyal member,
Judith Spanberger

Judith Spanberger of Minneapolis, MN

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