Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

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I found classical music several years ago while teaching elementary school. I often turned on the radio for my students and found it helped stimulate their thinking and creativity, but was dismayed at the amount of commercials. Since then I have taken on a new career and am a second year law student. I rediscovered classical music and have been LOVING that there are no commercials on your station. Particularly the orchestral music helps me focus and hate studying a little less. Prairie Home Companion on Saturday nights is almost a standing date for my study partners, my spouse, and me. I became a first time member this year to try to show my support and appreciation. As the fund drive comes to a close, I just want to encourage other listeners to keep the music going, for whatever reason. I know it has helped me retain quite a bit of sanity. Thank you!

Stephanie Molzahn of St. Paul, MN

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Alot of people dread pledge week, but tolerate it as a more than fair exchange for the programming. I appreciate pledge week, particularly the winter campaign, because the announcers are full of energy and enthusiasm. Their cheer, humor, encouragement, dauntless optimism, and creative pleas are entertaining. I find myself smiling all day.


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Hey- I'm 23, live in St. Paul, proud MPR member (don't listen to anything else!), and I just wanted to compliment The Current on its valentine's day programming.

My girlfriend and I had no special plans and it turned out none was needed. We cooked a delicious dinner with 89.3 playing in the background and then settled in for a cozy night of good food, good music and, well, you get the idea.

Thanks--you guys are the best!

Ben Braus

Ben Braus of Saint Paul, MN

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I love mpr,
thx 4 the news,
cant wait to hear more,

colin hortman of Brooklyn Park, MN

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Okay, first of all, I'm 52 Years Old. And a Grandma to boot.

Yes, I listen to the Current. I grew up listening, in grade school, to Ron Britain's Underground Circus, in Chicago. In High School, I loved David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Louden Wainright, etc. Chicago USED to have a wonderful station, WXRT. Which is no longer a very good station, sad to say.

Why should I suddenly stop liking alternative music? Never lost the taste for it. Anything else out there is just awful.

When I first moved up here to Minnesota, I was going crazy because there WAS NO GOOD radio. Then I found 88.1 KVSC and there was for a brief shining moment, Revolution Radio. I was saved.

NOW I am in Music heaven... where I live here I can get both The Current and KV!

Unless you travel, you do not realize just HOW GOOD we have it now for music in Minnesota. Consider Chicago- it's a HUGE city, yet a music wasteland.

Minnesota Music Scene RULES.

Deb Sluis of Milaca, MN

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Recently I returned from 5 weeks of volunteer work in Biloxi, Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina. While down there I truly missed being able to listen to any radio. We didn't have electrity to most places. After a while I got used to the silence, but I was reminded one afternoon as an NPR reporter stopped to talk to me & some other volunteers. It is amazing what we take for granted in our lives; electricity, fresh clean water, a place to cook your meals, a nice book to snuggle up in a comfy chair with & MPR. For me, I am able to once again have all those things. I pray with time & with continued help from all over, Biloxi residents can also return to similar comforts. For now I just thank MPR & other Public Radio stations for telling the stories of the people. We need to remember the disaster isn't over, just the storm.

Anisah David of Bushnell, SD

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i listen to mn pulic radio when ever i can. you see i recently got hooked on the programs,stories and music. i love the fact that it is so relaxing. FYI my sister listens to hip hop and other sorts of weid music; which i use to to. but the studies have shown that the music now days makes a person sad and depressed, yet when you listen to classical you feel Motivated and refined. you gain all that energy lost in the world. you begin to write your own movements as you sit there and relax. minnesota pulbic radio has deffenitly improved my life... Thank you so much....

Bradford Folta Jr

PS please for give my writing skills!!!

Bradford Folta jr of Baxter, MN

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MPR is like a great teacher to me as I've learned so many things from Her since I started listening from 1998. I'm from a different culture and I've found MPR has the sense of diversity whether it is about the News, stories or a discussion topic.

I believe MPR is the only media whom I can trust and it is respectfully maintaining the nobel job to educate the people.

Syed Uddin of Bloomington, MN

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While listening , (Oct.23.) to Beethoven's 6th. I remembered this how I got hooked on Ludwig. The Pastoral transported me back a decade on a cold winter night to an evening with dear friends attending a theatrical production of Homecoming. The play was many things to me (a huge gift) that put me in touch with a deep hurt that was inside. Long story short it left me crying and healing. After the play which sent me plummeting emotionally I made my way to a gathering of same folks. The radio of course is set to 99.5. My journey commenced with the opening of the Pastoral which engulfed my whole being and filled me with awe and wonder. This was my first encounter with the 6th. Needless to say I was hooked. That's my story and I'm sticking to It. Gratefully Yours.

Paul Sicard of Hopkins, MN

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I joined MPR because I want to support the programming I listen to all the time: Prairie Home Companion, A Writer's Almanac, Marketplace, and As It Happens are on the air here in northern New England. I'm grateful for the contribution they make to my day, and happy to show my support financially. Keep up the good work!

Hester L Fuller of Craftsbury, VT

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