Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 101 to 110

I listen mostly in my car. To and from work etc. I would love to listen at work but the radio reception is bad and my workplace does not allow us to put the real media player on our computers. You should offer web access in windows media.

Carole Gaskell of Minneapolis, MN

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I listen online at work. Every radio in every vehicle and at home are tuned to MPR.

Margot Rudstrom of Morris, MN

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I started listening to MPR 99.5 during my first year of law school in 2000-01. I needed some soothing background music while reading hour upon hour of cases and statutes. Even though I didn't have to get up early every day, I found that listening to the Morning Show was a great motivation to get out of bed and start the day. Eventually I became a member in 2003. Now that I've finished law school and am looking for my first job, I still listen to 99.5 whenever I can because now, after four years of listening, I recognize the songs! I've also found that classical music makes being stuck in traffic much more enjoyable. My next goal is to get my husband to discover the wonderful world of MPR!

Brenda Kvamme of St. Paul, MN

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In 1982, I was driving up the freeway into Flagstaff AZ. I found a station with good music, and a woman started to sing the best version of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" I'd ever heard, but the signal was fading. So, I pulled over to the side of the freeway and listened not only to that, but to the remainder of my first Prairie Home Companion experience. I resembled the people in the monolog more than I did the westerners I'd grown up around. It started me thinking . . .

Three years later, I was working in the woods in Colorado and found public radio station KVNF on the dial. I eventually volunteered there to do a weekly radio show. After 6 months, I signed on to sell underwriting, and a year later I was Development Director. However, over my 3 years at KVNF my salary never covered my expenses. I was dying to work at a professionally run operation, preferably on the cutting edge. This meant a move to London, Toronto, Washington DC, or St Paul.

There really was no decision to be made. I moved to Minnesota and began voluteering at MPR, taking on increasingly difficult and unwanted tasks until the powers that be decided they ought to hire me. I've been here 12 years. It's the best public radio and the best employer I know.

Ron Hall of St. Paul, MN

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I lived in Minneapolis for eight years and became addicted to MPR. Because I was a teacher, I was unable to listen at work, but I depended on it for the news every morning and afternoon, and great programming on the weekends.

I taught at an alternative high school in North Minneapolis that had to close down due to these budget cuts (whoops--Pawlenty said we didn't cut anything from education, I mean budget shifts), and I moved to Pennsylvania with my husband so we could both go to grad school at Penn State.

The first thing I did when I moved in to my new office was to ask where the public radio station was on the dial. When I tuned in to this station, I was devastated! Many of the shows I love aren't available here, and it's only classical music during the day. I really didn't realize how much I depended on MPR and I certainly didn't know how lucky I was to have such a great local station.

Sorry for the long preamble! This is how I listen--I illegally downloaded RealPlayer on my office computer. It drastically improved the quality of my life! I listen to the live stream when I can and the archived stories when I can't. Thank you so much for making this available.

Rachel Wannarka of State College, PA

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Always in the car. All day long at the cabin - and all the way to the cabin and back - so we use the Twin Cities station, St. Cloud, Brainerd and finish with Bemedji.

My students often ask me how I'm so knowledgeable and I tell them "I'm a MPR junkie". End of story.

Susan Marsh of Minneapolis, MN

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At work, I use the internet.

In the car, 91.1 and 99.5

At home, 91.1

....and after years of guilt laden listening, I became a member.

Jon Baldvins of Hopkins, MN

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Our family recently moved to Readlyn, Iowa where I am pastor at Zion Lutheran Church. We were three years at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Upsala, Minnesota. While at Gethsemane I was pleased to be Gary Osberg's pastor! He was a very well behaved man with good manors!

I enjoyed my stay in Minnesota and my introduction to MPR. Now that I am in Iowa I listen to their public radio broadcast, but in the morning I still tune into the live web broadcast of "The Morning Show". Keep up the good works!

Dave Sorenson of Readlyn, IA

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How do I listen to MPR? Well, my alarm at 5:45 in the morning is my radio tuned to MPR. After listening for a few minutes, I get up and head for the kitchen. The first thing I do is turn on the radio, tuned to MPR, before I make coffee and breakfast. I listen while I eat and read the newspaper. Then it's on to the shower, where the first thing I do is turn on the bathroom radio, which is tuned to MPR! I listen through my shower and blow drying my hair. Soon it's off to work in the van where the radio is tuned to, you guessed it, MPR! On the days at work that aren't too hectic, I can be found with the radio on........once again MPR! Oh, and when I come home from work the radio in the computer room is turned to MPR, also, so I can listen while I work on the computer or surf the web. I guess you would say I am an MPR listener!

Marge Lillo of Mankato, MN

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My husband Jeff & I moved from Zumbrota in July--and really missed our morning show with Jim Ed and Dale. I did some searching and now we listen via webstream. Our transition from MN, where we were both born and raised, and into NC, which is a strange and wonderful southern place, was much more manageable because we could listen to our familiar voices every morning. We also listen to PHC every Saturday in order to get our fix of good ol' lutheran prairie wholesome stuff. We do listen to the NPR station out of Chapel Hill, but we still need to hear about the State Fair and all the goings on in our home state. THANK YOU for being there for us!

Julia Storberg-Walker of Wake Forest, NC

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