Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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I moved, briefly, to California and I came to realize just how much I relied on MPR to inform and entertain me. Now that I'm back in Minnesota I listen at home, at work, in the car and on weekends. Saturdays just aren't the same if I don't spend an hour with Ira Glass!

Eliza Varien of Red Wing, MN

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I have been meaning to send a note since last March when my wife and I were visiting family in Florida. As we passed Ft Myers on the interstate we picked up FL public radio on a Satuday afternoon and there was Mindy Ratner talking to us. She does a terrific job every day and what a joy to hear her in Florida. It brought us home to Minnesota very quickly and special thanks to Mindy for what she does so well. Thank you.

Robert Endres of St Paul, MN

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My story begins in Michigan. I took a one way flight back home to move out to WA where I recently accepted a position. I was driving across country switching through garbage channels as usual until I stumbled on your wonderful radio station. Truly inspirational. I can't express how beautiful it was to drive through Minnesota on an early fall morning in late August with the sun shining bright listening to classical music. The best part is you keep records of what was played that day so I was able to purchase some of this timeless music. Keep America tasteful and make others aware that classical music is classical for a reason.

Robert Coleman of Vancouver, WA

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I have listened to MPR for years, but this summer it was particularly important to me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May. Throughout my recovery from surgery and through my entire regimen of chemo, I relied on MPR as I fought back.

Ever since May I have relied on Cathy Wurzer, Kerri Miller, Gary Eichten, Talk of The Nation, Day by Day, ATC, The World, Terri Gross and even the BBC to get me through some long and sometimes hard days.

I amd done with chemo and my prognosis is good. Of course, I'll keep listening, but I just want to thank my 'friends' at MPR for making some endless days easier.

Mary Beth Blegen of Farmington, MN

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We lived in Minnesota for 3 years - in Buffalo, and really got hooked on The Current over the past year. We moved back to Oregon in July, and I have been streaming The Current online through my office computer all day every day while I am in the office. Can't get it on the home FM, but I look forward to streaming everyday. Great mix of music! My husband has it going on his office computer in a high tech environment all day, too.

We don't miss Minnesota at all... but we really miss full access to The Current. Thanks, Britt Nelson

Britt Nelson Beernink of Lake Oswego, OR

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In a part of a state where top 40 and classic rock reign supreme, the Current has delivered that which was missing in Rochester radio. I thought an iPod was the answer to my musical dilema, but once the Current went on air, the iPod fell to the wayside.

Thanks MPR for giving the Rochester area a reason to tune to radio again.

Ryan Hegge of Rochester, MN

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I listen to you in the mornings on the F.M.radio
I love listen to you guys and the news is really informative.Thanks for what you guys are doing!

Barbara Caaudill of Cincinnati, OH

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I listened to KNOW on and off for decades, but when the Current was launched last year I made a firm commitment to support MPR, and listen to it, and care about it, because it's worth it.

KNOW gives me something to think about on the drive in to work, the webcasts keep me alert through the workday, and without fail I catch Mary Lucia on the drive home. Just yesterday she interviewed Mason Jennings and when he said that he's stoked to be talking to her, I knew what he meant. I'm stoked to be listening to her.

What has happened to me is that I now care, deeply, about radio. Minnesota Public Radio. It is my constant companion, my information source, my connection to the world of music, art, politics, real life. Others like me have written in this space about every radio in every room and every vehicle being tuned in to MPR, and you can count me among them. I have never been happier with what I'm hearing. Thank you!!!

Julie Barrett of North St. Paul, MN

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I used to listen to all the heady discussion shows while I worked. I lamented when the call-ins asked elementary questions and rejoiced when the call-ins brought the topic to an university level. My job was so boring that I needed something that would make me think. I would read my school notes (carefully written out in a 2 by 3 notebook for quick glances) while listening to MPR through headphones and all this while running a proof machine to process customer's deposits. Thank you for making my work day go faster!

Stephanie Luebeck of Ramsey, MN

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I Live in the Twin Cities, MN. I own hundreds of CDs but since "THE CURRENT" came on the air I have not since listened to one of them. Your music is much better than mine and of course with greater variety. Thanks... Les Larson

Les Larson of Oakdale, MN

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