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This fellow has been ship wrecked alone on a deserted island for decades. Finally rescued by a passing ship, the ship's captain tells him to get anything he wants to take with him and says he'll walk with the man, as he wants to see where the man lived alone.
They pass various huts and the man tells the captain that that is where he slept, that where he cooked, that is where he kept his supplies, etc. They finally come to two well-built structures.
"What did you do in that one?" asks the captain.
"Oh, says the man with pride, "That's the church I built. I lost track of what day was Sunday, but I prayed there once a week."
"Well, it looks identical to that other building over there," says the captain, "what's that other building for?"
"Oh that," says the man with a sneer, "that's the church I used to go to."

—O. C. Stonestreet, Statesville, North Carolina

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