Ethnic Jokes
An American tourist dropped in at an Irish pub and ordered a pint. The usual lads were there, and suddenly one stood up and yelled, "Forty-seven!" Everyone laughed. When the laughter died down, another fellow yelled, "Twenty-one!" Everyone laughed again. The American asked the barman, "What's up with the numbers and the laughing?" "Ah, sure, sir, we've told the same jokes so many times we've numbered them, ye see. 'Tis a great savin' o' time." "Huh," said the American. "Let me try. Uh...A hundred and ninety-three!" Everyone in the bar fell on the floor, laughing, squirting Guinness out of their noses, choking, hysterical, helpless. The American said, "Whoa! What did I do?" The barman wiped tears from his eyes and said, "Bless ye, sir, we never heard that one afore!"

—Brad Strickland, Oakwood, Georgia

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