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Three pastors were comparing notes over coffee about a problem they shared - too many bats in their church towers - yes, bats in the belfry..

The first pastor, who was an avid hunter, said he solved the problem by taking his shotgun and shooting up into the steeple.. All the bats flew away. He admitted however that they just came right back.

The second pastor said, oh no no no. He had a much more humane way of getting rid of the bats. He took a bunch of live traps, caught them, and drove way up north and released them. But then later he had to confess that
they just flew right back.

The third pastor shook his head, saying, you guys are just amateurs. I baptized them, confirmed them, and I haven't seen them since!

—Kari Isaacson, Walla Walla, Washington

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