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This homesteader takes his buckboard into town to fetch his mail-order bride who's just arrived.On the way back to the farm, his mule stops dead in the road and will go no further. The farmer climbs down,approaches the mule and slugs him as hard as he can, right in the chops. He looks the mule right in the eye and says,"that's one." he procedes on down the road when the mule stops again. Farmer climbs down, slugs the mule again and says, "that's two." They go a little further and the mule stops again. The farmer climbs down,approaches the mule and shoots him in the head and says,"that's three." The bride, who's watched all this with horror screams "that's awful. How can you do that to that poor mule" The farmer looks at his bride and says,"that's one."

—Paul Parrish, Mechanicsville, Virginia

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