Ethnic Jokes
An Englishman, Frenchman and a Pollack were stuck on an island and the Englishman saw a bottle wash up on shore. He cleaned it up and a genie appeared. The genie offered each of the 3 men 1 wish. "Englishman, you rescued me, what do you wish?" The Englishman said that he wanted to be back in London with his family, and poof, he was back home. "Frenchman, what do you wish?" The Frenchman said he wanted to be back in gay paree with all his love, and poof, he was home. "Pollack, what do you wish?" The Pollack said, "well, the weather is nice here and there's plenty of food from all the trees, but it's getting a little lonely… I wish those other guys were back." told to me by a Polish woman in 1980

—Bonnie Kamel, , Minnesota

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