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A wealthy Englishman and an equally wealthy Texan had become good friends while serving as pilots in the RAF and USAAC during WWII. After the war, the Englishman invited the Texan to his estate for a fox hunt. After a hard day's riding to hounds, the Texan was a bit surprised that the Englishman's other friends were shunning him, especially in after his spectacular performance during the hunt, so he asked his RAF friend what was wrong.

The Englishman said: "I TOLD you: when you spot the quarry, shout: 'Tally ho! the Fox!' --not 'There he goes, let's get the sonofabitch!'"

After all, foxes are sons of vixens, not bitches.

—Ichabod Schloppenheimer III, Royalton (Birthplace),, Minnesota

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