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A stay-at-home wife, still in her bathrobe, hears the doorbell ring. She opens the door and is greated, "Hi, is Peter home?" The wife relies, "No, he went to the store, but you may come in and wait for his return." They sit in the living room and after a bit of silence, the friend says, "You know, Sara, you are showing some great cleavage, I'll give you a hundred bucks just to see one of your breasts." Sara thinks about it for a few seconds and figures, why not, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars! She slides her robe down her left arm and reveals her breast for about five seconds. He promptly thanks her and puts a hundred dollar bill on the coffee table. They sit quietly for a few moments then Jack says, "That was so amazing, I really have to see both breasts. I'll give you another hundred if you would let your robe fall to your waist. Sara could not believe what she had just heard. She thinks,"Wow! Two hundred dollars, just for showing my breasts."
So, she lets her robe fall down to her hips which provides Jack with a full frontal view
of both breasts and Jacks looks longingly for about ten seconds. Then Jack rises from his chair, pulls another hundred dollar bill from his pocket and places it on top of the first hundred and says, "I cannot wait for Peter any longer. I have more errands to run." No sooner does Jack pull out of the driveway, Peter pulls in. When Peter enters the kitchen, Sara says to him, "Your griend Jack stopped by to see you." "Great!" Says Peter, "Did he drop off the $200 that his owes me?"

—Charlie Kenyon, Freeland, MI, Michigan

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