Religious Jokes
The person who told me this tale several decades ago insisted that it was true.

Shortly after the Catholic church began using English in the liturgy and turned the altars around to face the people, a young priest who was very savy about electronics was sent to a parish in the I-94 corrider in central Minnesota. He decided to create for his church a wireless PA system so he wouldn't have to worry about tripping over cords during services, but at that time, the only easily available equipment was on the two CB radio channels (7 and 14) supposedly set aside for short range walkie-talkie devices, etc., so that's what he used.

Everything went well for a few months until one Sunday he began the Mass with the usual greeting to the congregation: "The Lord be with You!"

Immediately the church was filled with the music of a big Cummins Diesel and the response came back: "That's a big 10-4, Good Buddy!"

—Ichabod Schloppenheimer III, Royalton (Birthplace),, Minnesota

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