Bawdy Jokes
A man approaches Saint Peter and asks to get into heaven. So St. Peter asks how he dies and he says,"I thought my wife was having an affair, so I rushed home to my apartment. I searched the whole place but I didn't find him. Then I went on my balcony and saw a man hanging by his fingertips! I hit his hands with a hammer, but he fell into some bushes and lived. So then I threw a refrigerator on him, but it made me loose my balance too, and i fell off." St. Peter lets him in, and then a second man approaches. He says,"I was on my balcony when I lost my grip and fell, but then I grabbed on to the balcony below me. Then a man comes out, hits my hands with a hammer, and throws a refrigerator on me!" So he lets him in, and a third man approaches. When St. Peter asks him how he dies, he says, "Imagine being naked in a refrigerator..."


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