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Then there were the two Eskimos who went out to a new fishing site in their Kayak. They pulled it up onto the shore and started fishing. A little while later a storm suddenly came up and it began pouring. At first they went under some tree for shelter but soon they decided that if they turned the kayak upside down and held it above their heads, they would be better protected from the rain. As it grew later and later, it became colder and colder so they decided that the ought to build a fire to keep warm. They found some branches under some brush and built a small fire. As they sat close to the fire, they decided that they would be much warmer and drier if they again held the kayak above their heads while they were near the fire. It didn't take long for them to get much warmer than they were and were so glad to have the protection of the kayak, too. But, the kayak got hot and soon burst into flame. The Eskimos returned to their village and told again and again about their experience so that others could learn from that "You can't have your kayak and heat it too"!

—Vernon Snider, Mankato, Kansas

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