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A Kentuckian goes up to Indiana. He's walking down the street one day, when from nearby he hears someone saying, "Forty eight" over and over again. Down an alley, he sees a Hoosier jumping up and down on a manhole cover, smiling from ear to ear repeating the words, "Forty eight". The Hoosier seems to be having a great time. Perplexed, the Kentuckian can't help but watch for a while. Still he can't fathom why the Hoosier is so happy to be jumping up and down in an alley yelling "Forty eight". Finally his curiosity gets the best of him. He walks up and asks the Hoosier what in the world he is doing. The Hoosier replies that it is the greatest thing he has ever done and the Kentuckian should try it. The Hoosier stands back. The Kentuckian stands in place, hops and quietly says "Forty eight". With encouragement from the Hoosier, he begins jumping higher and higher and getting louder and louder. The Kentuckian starts to think that it IS kind of fun after all; maybe the Hoosier was right. In the middle of a particularly high jump, the Hoosier bends down and removes the manhole cover. "Forty eeeeeeiiight" says the Kentuckian as he falls down the hole. The Hoosier replaces the cover and starts jumping again, smiling bigger than ever. "Forty nine. Forty nine. Forty nine...."

—Deanna Deitz, Washington, Indiana

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