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Tommy, a sweet as pie 9 year old was staying with grandma and grandpa for the long holiday weekend.

Out of the blue, Tommy asks “Grandma, how old are you?”

Grandma replies “Tommy, there are two questions a man never asks a woman: How old she is and how much she weighs.”

The next day, Tommy asks Grandma the same question and Grandma gives Tommy the same reply.

But Tommy was determined and he found Grandma’s purse and her driver’s license.

Tommy marches out to the garden and announces to all: “Grandma! You’re 62 years old! You weigh 148 pounds! And you’re mean to Grandpa!”

Grandma was surprise and says “Tommy, well, yes, that is my age and weight, but, what do you mean I’m mean to Grandpa?”

Tommy holds up her driver’s license and says: “On your driver’s license, it says YOU GOT AN “F” IN SEX.”

—Dee Dee Scadron, Northbrook, Illinois

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