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Nola was sitting on the sofa reading while Charles was anxiously pacing the room. "Stop your incessant pacing it's distracting me." said Nola. Well dear, I'm Pacing because I'm about to tell you something you do not want to hear". Nola shot him a cold suspicious look. Nola for several years now I told you our financial state was becoming unstable and it was necessary to change your extravagant spending. You paid no attention to me and now as a consequence we have to mortgage the house and use our valuables as collateral To raise money to pay our debts". "And to what valuables do you refer? certainly not My family heirlooms!" Nola shot back. " You have put us in this position so you have no choice in the matter." he replied. "I will not under any circumstance relinquish My great grandmother's emerald broach or the silverware engraved with our family's crest"! Nola cried. Very well Nola, I spoke with the bank yesterday and we can expect the bank officer here tomorrow at noon. We will put those two items in the safe deposit box today and not mention them with our other assets" replied Charles. Just as Charles finished speaking a car drove up to the house. He looked out the window to see a man stepping out of a car. Charles immediately recognized him as the bank officer who was scheduled to arrive tomorrow but instead came that day. Charles turned on his heel and yelled to Nola. "Quick hide the old silver, It's the Loan Arranger!

—barbara ricci, bristol, Rhode Island

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