Blonde Jokes
A group of blondes wanted to prove to he world that they were smart. So the next day, they gathered all the other blondes together and settled in an aditorium with a judge. The judge spoke for once and said to them that he would gove them one question, and if they got it correct, he would tell the whole world that blondes were smart. So he first called on someone with a question that was, " what's 3 plus 4. The first one said 8? And the judge gave a loud clear earrrr( wrong). All of the blondes in the aditorium said ar once, give another chace, give another chance! So he did. Then he asked another one. What is 6 plus 3? One of them shouted out 10?" Earrrr"( wrong) give another chance! Give another chance! They all said at once. Last one he said. What is 4 plus 5 he asked. 9 one called out. Then right after that reply, the whole aditorium said give anther chance! Give another chance!

—Lauren Lee, Irvine, California

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