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Many many years ago, longer then I can remember, a tradition started where an angel is placed on top of a Christmas Tree. It all happened one very cold morning a few days before Christmas Eve. Santa got up late and could not find Mrs Claus and did not get any breakfast. He went into the workshop and all the elves were on break. No toys were being made and the place was a mess. Not very happy he went to the barn only to find the reindeer not being tended. They were unfed and out of their stalls. He stormed out of the barn and slamed the door. A pile of snow slide off the roof and landed on top of him. When he managed to get up he lost his boots. He had to walk back to the house in his bare feet. As he entered the living room he spotted a small angel standing there. The angel smiled and asked Santa, "where do you want me to stick this tree".

—Tony Fusco, Schenectady, New York

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