Animal Jokes
Okay so, four dogs are walking down the road. One is a pretty poodle, one is a pitbull, one is a golden retriever, and one is a german shepard. All of them are males except for the poodle. They all start arguing about who the poodle would date when she said:
" Okay, I will date whomever can make the best sentence about liver and cheese".
" I love liver and cheese". Said the pitbull.
" Eww, that's disgusting"! She replied.
" I hate liver and cheese"! Said the golden retriver.
" MY goodness, that's even worse"! She exclamed.
Then the shepard said, " Liver alone! Cheese mine! (leave her alone, she's mine) So the poodle went off with the shepard.

—Morgan McGraw, Dedham, Maine

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