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A woman in Iowa, received a phone call that her daughter was very sick with a fever. She left work and stopped by the pharmacy for some medication for her dauhter. Returning to her car she found she had locked her keys inide. She had to gget home to her sick daughter, and didn't know what to do. She called home to the baby sitter, and was told her daughter was getting worse. She said, "You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door."

The woman found an old, rusty coat hanger on the ground, as if someone else had locked their keys in their5 car. Then, she looked at the hanger and said, "I don't know how to use this."

She bowed her head and asked God for help.

An old rusty car pulled up, driven by a dirty, greasy, bearded man with a biker skull rag on his head.

The woman thought, "Great God, this is what You sent to help me??? But she was desperate, and thankful.

The man got out of his car and asked if he could help. She said, "Yes, my daughter is very sick. I must get home to her. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?" He said, "Surely."

He walk over to the car and in seconds the car door was opened. She hagged the man and through her tears, she said, "Thank you very are a very nice man." The man replied, "Lady, I ain't a nice man. I just got out of prison for car theft." The woman hugged the man again and cried out loud... "Thank you, God for sending me a professional!"

—Charlie Kenyon, Freeland, MI, Michigan

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