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An elder lady is rocking away the last of her days on her front porch, reflecting on her long life, when, all of a sudden, a fairy godmother appears in front of her and informs her that she will be ganted three wishes. "Well, now," says the old lady, "I guess I would like to be really, reallty rich.." ***POOF*** Her rocking fchair turns to solid gold. She smiles and says, "Gee,I guess I wouldn't mind being a young, beautiful princess." ***POOF*** She turns into a beautiful young woman. "Your third wish?" asks the fairy godmother. Just then the old woman's cat wanders across the porch in front of them. "Ooh...can you change him into a handsome prince?" she asks. ***POOF*** There before her stands a young man more handsome than anyone could possible imagine. She stares at him, smitten. With a smile that makes her knees weak. He saunters across the porch and whispers in her ear: "Bet you're sorry you had me neutered!"

—Charlie Kenyon, Freeland, MI, Michigan

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