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So. Sven and Ole was out in der boat, and hit a rock, and der boat sank. Sven and Ole both drowned, and ended up in Hell. A bit later, Satan came by, seen Sven and Ole walking around, parkas off but overalls and long johns still in place. Satan says "You are here to suffer!" Ole replies "Well, this feels pretty nice, mostly". Satan stomps off, goes down to the Powerhouse, turns up another sixty degrees. Next day, goes back to see Sven and Ole. They got the long johns off, but they're getting Norwegian Bachelor Farmer tans in their overalls. Satan says "What's wrong with you morons? Everyone else is in agony!" Ole responds "We don't get much warm weather up by The Falls, we could get to like this". Satan stomps off, goes to the Powerhouse, and cranks the knob all the way to the left. The next morning, it's one-hundred-and-sixty below zero. Satan goes over to check on Sven and Ole, sees they're dancing the polka, high-fiveing, drinking Grain Belts, and they got the bar-be-que grill going. "What is it with you two idiots?" he demands. "Well" says Ole "we got up and seen dat Hell was all frozen over, and de only thing that we could think of was dat the Vikings must have won the Super Bowl!"

—Packer Fan, Colfax, Wisconsin

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