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So, Ole went out ice fishing. And, his friend said, "Ole, it's too much work to chop a hole in the ice, but I got a new ice auger. You just start 'er up, and she drills a perfect round hole, easy as mowing your lawn. Why don't you borrow it?"

So, Ole does, and he drives out on the ice, and he hauls out the ice auger, sets the point into the ice, and starts her up.

Suddenly, a loud voice calls down from above" "YOU CAN'T FISH HERE!"

Ole looks around, but he doesn't see anybody. He waits, but he doesn't hear the voice again. So, he starts the auger back up.

This time, a light comes down, and the same voice shouts, louder: "I SAID, YOU CAN'T FISH HERE!!!"

Ole shuts off the auger and looks up. "Are you God?" he says.


—David Babson, Syracuse, New York

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